ROI calculator

* The calculation is made taking into account the positioning in our data centers at the “optimal” tariff based on current data on network complexity, BTC rate and hardware price from the manufacturer.
ModelHashratePrice per itemQuantityDaily incomeMonthly incomeYearly incomeProfitability


The purchasing of equipment at these prices is only available to GoMining customers with hosting contracts.

Discounted equipment for GoMining customers:

MicroBT Whatsminer discount is up to 20%

Bitmain Antminer discount is up to 5% depending on model

The price is updated once a week and may differ on the time of request.

WhatsMiner M31S+ 82 TH/s


WhatsMiner M31S+ 82 TH/s 42 w/t

8511 $

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WhatsMiner M32 68 TH/s


WhatsMiner M32 68 TH/s 48 w/t

4880 $

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Antminer S19 Pro 110 TH/s


Antminer S19 Pro 110 TH/s 37,5 w/t

13517 $

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Antminer S19 95 TH/s


Antminer S19 95 TH/s 34,5 w/t

10598 $

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AvalonMiner 1166Pro 72 TH/s


AvalonMiner 1166Pro 72 TH/s 46 w/t

6061 $

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AvalonMiner 1246 83TH/s


AvalonMiner 1246 83TH/s 38 w/t

7508 $

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