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New era of cryptocurrency

What's up with cryptocurrencies? How they emerged and most importantly why? Cryptocurrencies are a phenomenon that cannot be explained as a successful invention of one genius mind. It would be more correct to say that cryptocurrencies appeared because mankind wanted a new way to convert value. The way that would be truly private, independent from the authority of governments and states, easily stored, traded, independent of legacy banking system which easily fail to protect our assets from changing political climate.

All traditional value equivalents like precious metals, art objects, real estate were long into their own crisis as we entered this digital age. It is prohibited to have a private gold vault and how do you use in anyway at the speed or conversion required every day, how do you share it or trade it in seconds? How do you keep it safe? The possession of traditional values is very difficult to hide, as well as to store. It is not only a financial problem but a threat to our privacy. Our ability to keep the earned value independently was very limited by governments and banks for long enough.

The historic moment when Bitcoin appeared coincided with the loss of the general belief that governments can truly protect the value of traditional fiat money. And now, when they tell you that Bitcoin is not backed by anything, it doesn't sound like a real threat comparing to what we have right now with their so called real money.

But if you decide to take a closer look and learn more about Bitcoin you would perfectly understand that this lack of backed value is compensated by the trust Bitcoin earned through its unique functionality and a set of properties they did not want to give you access to. So even this lack of backed value is actually a lie.

But if you decide to take a closer look and learn more about Bitcoin you would perfectly understand that this lack of backed value is compensated by the trust Bitcoin earned through its unique functionality and a set of properties they did not want to give you access to. So even this lack of backed value is actually a lie.

Mining as a profitable business

It is impossible to estimate the real value of Bitcoin yet. We do not know exactly what consequences it will have in the history of mankind. However, only a very conservatively thinking person would refuse to see that Bitcoin is one of the main business opportunities to increase and secure your portfolio in this early 21st century. The most profitable business right now is not a production of any specific goods, but the production of this new universal equivalent of their value.

Basically, you have two ways to make money on Bitcoin: mining and trading.

The most popular myth about Bitcoin is usual accusation of similarity to ponzi schemes and a bubble. For sure this myth will persist as long as Bitcoin is used as a speculation tool in the stock market. In other words, we will always hear about it. Indeed, Bitcoin trading and as well as other cryptocurrencies on the exchange is no different in terms of risk from stock trading.

On the other hand mining has a much more understandable and traditional business model:

  1. You invest in the production equipment. You think of a business plan to return it with a certain schedule.
  2. You rent the infrastructure for your production. You reduce your risks by choosing the cheapest and at the same time the highest quality infrastructure, complemented by good service.
  3. You hire specialists.
  4. You return your investment by a preliminary planned schedule.
  5. After you achieved the payback threshold, you begin to accumulate profits, so by the time you need to renew your production assets you can continue or exit.

Of course, this business has its risks, but they are very similar to the risks in any traditional business:

  1. You risk to buy bad quality equipment which would stall the process.
  2. You risk to place your equipment to a bad infrastructure which may affect its performance or even destroy it.
  3. The economic situation may change and the Bitcoin rate may fall.

But the distinctive feature of mining is that the profitability of 50-80% is considered almost magical in comparison to any other business. Those of us who had an experience of successful entrepreneurship in traditional businesses almost certainly see mining as a biggest opportunity existing. And the threat of loosing on exchange rate turbulence is always compensated by the historically dominating bullish trends. Roughly speaking, if you are not satisfied with the Bitcoin rate today you do not need to wait too long for the price to be interesting again so that Bitcoin obtained as a result of mining will return all your investments with a decent profit.


Finally, there is always two sides of a coin. Along with the risk of losing Bitcoin value short term we always have the same if not bigger chance for its price to grow faster than we expect, and then the profitability of your business will be truly unique.

In 2013, Coindesk , the leading cryptocurrency news site, published optimistic predictions that Bitcoin would be worth $ 1,800 by 2020. Neither the journalists nor their readers could have imagined that they were ten times wrong in their predictions.

Forecast from 2013 to 2020

Today, optimistic forecasts provide us with much bolder estimates, such as the forecast from CEO Pantera Capital Dan Morehead, who estimated the chance of Bitcoin to rise to $ 200,000 in 2022

Forecast example until 2021

Choosing the right partner

Our services are aimed to give a new investor in mining business an ability to minimize risks as much as possible.

We are miners ourselves, we have invested in mining ourselves, and we have learned how to minimize all risks before so you don't have to make any mistakes at all. Our knowledge has become another way of earning for us. We take away all the concerns by proving to the investor that he has nothing to be afraid of: the risk of buying bad equipment, the risk of hosting the equipment in the wrong place, the risk of poor maintenance for his equipment.

Investing takes place in three stages:

  1. You determine the amount you are willing to invest. We make an individual offer with an agreement which covers not only maintenance but each and every detail including the unconditional goal to make your business legal.
  2. We help with the purchase of equipment with the best prices possible and arrange delivery to our data center with our logistics department.
  3. You make a monthly maintenance and electricity payment and receive daily income in BTC to your wallet.


Almost convinced? Try a handy ROI calculator here. All you need is to enter the amount you are willing to invest and choose which equipment is better to invest in, compare its profitability and other important details.

* The calculation is made taking into account the positioning in our data centers at the “optimal” tariff based on current data on network complexity, BTC rate and hardware price from the manufacturer.
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