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Don't miss our 1080 days hot contract bundled with the best selling Whatsminer M31S mining machine from MicroBT.

What is so special about it? Earn in BTC and receive it directly to your cryptocurrency wallet simultaneously taking full control over bundled mining equipment.

  1. By purchasing this contract you practically buy the mining machine itself. If you decide that you want to get it from us just ask. We will send it anyplace you want. No additional fees except the delivery expenses.
  2. But why would you want to get your mining machine away from our mining facilities? Our uptime is always 100% guaranteed. And our electricity rate starts at $ 0.04 per kWh when the average market price starts at $ 0.06 per kWh.

    Check for yourself with our special test $10 contract promotion! It is as simple as that: invest you $10 and within 10 days see the same revenue rate!

    To get your promotional test $10 contract you just give us a message at or just contact us via live chat on our official site.

    We are happy to announce us accepting USDT payments for our services.

    See for yourself, follow the link from our profile to learn more about Bitluck.