Going 1 GW: A mining startup story

GoMining was founded in the middle of 2017 during the most turbulent Bitcoin price times. When our small but very enthusiastic team of miners, tired of finding an ideal place for mining, decided to create one ourselves. By which time, each one of us had a wealth of experience in the crypto mining space. The dream was to start a hosting company by miners for miners, to cut costs and increase profit for investors, one that we also would be happy using. Because of our combined experience and technical expertise, it was not hard to find support from some of the largest IT investors in Europe.

In mid 2017 we chose to build our first, initially small, 10 MW data centre. Over the last 3 years of operation, we have grown to a fully operational 133 MW. Still, we consider ourselves as a startup. Moving forward with the plan to increase this volume by 7.5 times to 1 GW of capacity by 2023. The planning includes a huge amount of due diligence and preparation. We know exactly what we are going to build, with all agreements signed and construction plans in place it can take up to a year before any new site appears.

What is the secret of our development?

So why do we consider ourselves as one the best in this business?

Large-scale cryptocurrency mining is a relatively new concept that only a few people perceive as a business. This is a mistake as proven over the last 12 years when many have profited from mining rather than speculating in the market. It is a very profitable business, which despite all the uncertainty remains the best return on any investment in the 12 years in the existence Cryptocurrencies.

One problem, we believe, is that just a few of the hosting providers see their clients as part of a team. Hosting sites around the world offer their services to clients, but rarely understand their concerns as a whole. In order to have a good working relationship, we at GoMining concentrate on this relationship as a mutual gain for both parties.

Before we founded this company, each of us entered mining as, just another client to an existing company. We walked the same path looking for a place to securely put our assents in use. We ourselves were, and still are, miners. This distinguishing feature is what differs us from everyone else. We know exactly what our clients are worried about because we are also in the same business.

GoMining data centers

We think that from the moment a customer makes a purchase of a mining machine they become a business. For all its incredible advantages for high profits, this business poses one difficult task: you need to be able to start and manage it remotely.

Being aware of all the difficulties for a client starting a hosting business our team know that rather than being just an energy supplier or a secure storage location, a company should be like a virtual ‘partner’ to help in the running and operation of their business. A partner who would be ready to help from the most difficult stage of entering this business to daily management routines.

This is what GoMining offers. We will help you to choose the best mining equipment to create a completely legal activity, to give you the opportunity to control everything yourself, to be informed at any point in any location on everything important regarding your business. All these services are aimed at the maximum possible profit to you, our client.

In order to protect your, and our, interests we have in place all legal and compliancy issues faced by miners from any country in the world with insurance issued by Lloyds of London. GoMining is an EU registered company for real entrepreneurs and investors.

You are in safe hands with GoMining.